Does sex between friends enhance friendship?

Divers / Tuesday, October 25th, 2022

Having sex has become a desacralized act these days. It is possible today to have a good sex with a friend without having a love relationship with that person. What is the impact of this type of relationship between friends? 

How does sex between friends or sexfriend manifest itself? 

Opinions are often divided when it comes to sex between friends. Everyone has a different personality and approaches things differently. In the best of cases, this type of relationship helps to improve the relationship between friends and sometimes leads to a romantic relationship. In the worst case, this type of relationship completely breaks the bonds between the two friends. Indeed, the latter are subject to many disorders.

The foundation of this type of relationship is that the intimacy between the two friends should not be a hindrance to their friendship. This type of relationship becomes very complicated to manage if, after having agreed on this basis, one of the two partners has as a new objective to make the other his companion. Indeed, sexuality between friends is based on a simple principle of physical attraction without love. Thus, even if both partners have sex, they are still able to maintain a normal friendship.  

The basic rules of intimacy between friends 

There are two important factors to consider when embarking on a sexual relationship with a friend without commitment. Firstly, it is necessary to be clear, honest but also based on the respect of the established rules. They are not very restrictive and clarify things in terms of a couple relationship. 

Since this is a noncommittal relationship, no requests regarding the intimacy of either partner should be made. Furthermore, the two partners should not have any usual dating routines like an old couple. They should have no plans for the future and are free to have sex with other people.