All about sapiosexuality 

Divers / Tuesday, October 25th, 2022

Sexual attraction can be explained by several means. Indeed, some are based on physical attraction, others are based on the smell or the charisma of the person we have in front of. However, there is another type of attraction called sapiosexuality. What is sapiosexuality? 

What is sapiosexuality? 

Sapiosexuality is a physical attraction that is not based on common criteria. Indeed, the main factors that bring two people together are often physical appearance, the various similarities that the two partners have in common or the uniqueness of their relationship. With sapiosexuality, the mode of attraction is entirely different. It is based on attraction to intelligent people. This type of affection for guicks is not new.

Indeed, many stories where female students fall in love with their school teachers is not a new phenomenon. Social networks have also become a new springboard that has allowed this mode of sexual attraction to develop. More specifically, sapiosexuality emphasizes the moment shared with a person. In particular, it takes into account the complexity of the conversations, the level of intelligence of the partner or the field in which the person is specialized. 

What are the characteristics of sapiosexuality? 

In order to be classified as sapiosexual, one must put aside the standard selection criteria that are the basis of sexual attraction in a man or a woman. It is indeed about a well supplied hip, big breasts, a short waist and a beautiful face for the woman. In the man it will be a question of being the perfect expression of the dominant evil.

However, sapiosexuality defines a character of attraction for a person who by his skills can easily have a better professional life. Sapiosexuality followers are thoughtful, love art and participate in the development of beneficial ideas. In more detail, a sapiosexual's excitement is defined by the ecstasy he or she feels when discussing a topic related to philosophy, physics or mathematics.